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Real Estate and Photography Enhancement:


Real Estate and Photography Enhancement 2

If you are reading this blog, either you are part of real estate or you admire to be one… Well, it is never too late.

 Only a realtor knows the real meaning of the quotation “Time is Money.” He would initially desire to sell a house to a customer in 3 times dealing which is way difficult. To satisfy the customer that he is buying the best house available under his requirement is a little difficult.

So, in the real estate business, photography plays a vital role. Although photoshoot and developing photos are more than 10 hours of work, the payback is immense. The time of selling is lesser which creates chances of more benefit. It is stated that a house with high-quality photography sells 32% faster.

Additionally, if a house has more pictures, chances of selling increases, but do you know why?

According to a survey held in 2006 by the American National Association of Realtors, 80% of consumers relied on images to make their decisions, so if real estates’ had blurred this factor out, those could have lost potential customers.

 Nowadays, Real estates are a great example of perfect competition, but if you want to play your game to win all the checkers, you must adopt a monopolistic approach: a great video content of the house with the drone. This level up your market from your competitors. You can be a benchmark for your consumers and potential customers.

As your mean of information gets wider, more potential customers get aware of properties. The positive growth shows an increase in demand as well. Through this increase, you can use this to earn the best possible profits. So enhancement in photography and a creative idea can result is exemplary.

Although if a real estate hires photographer taking pictures reflecting a failed composition, poor imaging, not in required light tear a photo’s true essence, unfortunately, rather creating an attractive valuable property, he will devalue the property. This affects no one else but real estate’s bank account.

In consideration of this problem, few cautions and implications of new lessons can make your business grow. So, here are tips and techniques for enhanced photos:

1) As a photographer, you always want some type of shots every time keeping that in mind no house will look identical. In your list of pictures of a house, these points of the house should be captured:

  • The bedroom, living room, kitchen, drawing room should be shot with a wide range angle.
  • Two or more photos of the backyard of the house.

 If the bathroom and washroom are presentable then photos of these are fine too.

  • At last, if there is a curb appealing factor in the house. These shots allow potential customers to feel treated with something he could not get in any other home. For a real estate agent, such things matter too as he sells property with customer’s desires awareness.
  • 2) In real estate photography, the photographer should know what to cover, the above points clear this.

    Photographers gear should be in good condition, so one must check his gear kit the night before the shoot. It would be terrible for him if the camera battery is not charged or not working at the moment. Pair batteries are a must for a professional photographer. Along with that, a pair of formatted memory cards should be in the kit as well. These bits sometimes lesser the tension in the room or at least not being the reason.

    3) After knowing what to do and preparing for it, now, it is another challenge of implementing the “to-do list tasks” and for that, you must know how to sort things out. Decluttering is essential to attract customers. A professional photographer aims to do justice with the respective thing, so he is bind to do some extra work to ace it. The desired shots should not include clutter of the rooms as it won’t give a certain impression to ace customer’s satisfaction and if a real estate does not give it any heed, they are living blindly in a nightmare.

    4) While decluttering, if you like decorations then two to three items are good enough for a respective room or side shot. In the interior’s photography, closets are only captured when they are customized or luxurious.

    5) Like a physicist prefer asking the patient about symptoms before prescribing any medicine, a photographer while doing real estate photography must walk through the house before starting the shoot. Photographer gets the idea about the rooms and interesting spots of the house. Additionally, you can get in which way you may take photos to achieve your desired photoshoot.

    6) While editing to avoid lens problems, such as distortion, you may enable lens correction tools. It is usually a part of "enable profile corrections" options. If you cannot edit manually, editors like Booking layer, Vreasy, and Zoho Creator are few of the best where just by few clicks you can make grass greener and surfaces smoother.

    Another thing that creates a better impact on the outcome is to do basic adjustments for preventing poor photography. These basic adjustments include:

    · You should low the highlights

    · You may bright up shadows

    · You may sharpen black sides/showpiece

    · You should Raise clarity

    Another approach is present listings with a 3D virtual tour. This shows how your real estate is up to date with the current modern era.

Have you ever thought that why customers are buying property               more based on photography than through personal?

Although reliability has been one of the reasons, a busy lifestyle cannot allow most people to go specifically for personal site visits. If your real estate needs photography enhancement, you should seriously make your photographer learn new skills by rewarding him some percentage of commission of each property. Through these properties, your real estate deals with will get a better dimension of presenting them. Along with that, the chances of selling will have a commendable growth.


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