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Software for virtual staging


Software for virtual staging

Over the past few years, virtual staging software's have proven their worth in the market. Real state dealers have also adopted virtual staging as a mandatory tool. A person having a high degree in software or graphics designing is something like out of a mystery box for real state dealers looking for someone to design their models. The importance of these programs can also be seen from the amount of money they save. Software programs can be bought at extremely low prices, yet the work they do can be worth millions.
Here are some of the currently in use programs used by designers throughout the world:

ARCHLine XP Virtual Stager:

  • This software was specially designed to meet every requirement for creating an ideal virtually staged model.
  • It is the topmost product created by the CADLine company.
  • It allows the user to import a photo of a vacant room and then edit things like the color of the wall and can add suitable furniture, paintings, etc.
  • Its subscription can be acquired by a small painted by the end of each month. After subscribing, you can choose a level of tutorial i.e; Beginners, Familiar & Expert.
  • Online or in-person seminars and workshops are also conducted to give out useful tips and instructions.
  • The software also comes with 1-Year tech support and a 14-day return policy.
  • The software is extremely user-friendly and it is said that even a beginner in virtual staging can master it with ease.

Real Tour Vision Software:
The company was built in 1991 and earned an amazing name in virtual staging in just a matter of months. Besides this virtual real t​​​​​​​​our vision software, the company also invented a do-it-yourself virtual staging software that works on 3D rendering technology.

  • The software allows the user to fill large empty spaces with good sets of furniture.
  • Currently, the software can be operated on Safari and Chrome, without any subscription fee. However, the user must purchase free credits with real money if they want staged pictures.
  • Some experts have said that it is not easy to get almost real like results through this software.

VisualStager – For Mac and PC :
​VisualStager is a well-known software among graphic designers.

  • It can easily be accessed through the web, on any device like Laptop, PC, iPad, Mac without the need to download it.
  • It’s also very easy to use and follows the common staging pattern: take a picture and upload it, scale and remove any unwanted things and think about where and how you want the furniture and then place it there.
  • The software contains a variety of about 2500 different furniture and decoration materials for users to choose from that best fits their imaginative design for an attractive room.
  • There is a demo version with the software too, within which a variety of pictures of furniture are provided by the software.
  • The pricing of this software is based on a prepaid credits system. Users would have to pay for credits and then use them to stage their pictures. However, there is no need for any monthly or annual fees.
  • Even though the software is extremely easy to use, some users do not find its result be realistic enough, Hence, the majority of them chose to pick other software programs.

3D Max Rendering & Modelling Software:
This software was launched in 1990 and still regarded as an excellent medium of generating 3D models, pictures & animations.

  • Unlike other software programs, you have to have to be an expert at editing to be able to use this software. Hence, this software is only recommended for professionals.
  • This software is comparatively higher in prices for a subscription.

Adobe Photoshop:
Adobe Photoshop was released in 1988 and is the most well-known editing software up till today.

  • The software doesn’t just allow users to edit images and make 3D models, the complete package also comes with things like an illustrator, InDesign, and others.
  •  The complete software is available on cheap prices and can be used on both Mac OS and Windows.
  • The software also enables its users to share their work through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, OneNote, etc.
  • Adobe Photoshop is extremely user-friendly and even beginners can use its amazing features to edit images and make 3D projects on it.

Getting your home staged surely is a smart move if you want your property to sell quickly and at better prices. Home staging is not just a piece of cake, you need someone who is an expert in graphic editing/designing, otherwise, he/she might end up missing the cracks and bumps in the corner of some wall which would make the buyers look the other way. That is when home staging companies come in. They make sure you have the right guy for the job. Home staging companies offer an in-depth variety of options to choose from while selecting the way you want your home to look like for buyers. They also provide their expert advice that guarantees you that buyers would come rushing in as soon as your ‘for sale’ advertisement goes online. However, make sure that you are ready to accept a professional’s decision before inviting one over and keep in mind that he/she just wants the best for you.

Home renovation is something people usually think twice about. They want their home to look better but they are not ready to give away their current lifestyle. They don’t think about the new possibilities that come along with their newly renovated home, like;
  • Whatever you value you spend over your house, eventually adds up to the house’s resale value. So don’t think of it as an expense, instead, think of it as an investment.
  • The renovation provides stability to your family’s lifestyle. Such as, if you renovate your kitchen, you’ll find cooking more comfortable and fun.


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