What Are The Essentials Required For Home Virtual Staging?

When people want to sell their property they hire the services of virtual designers. The designers help clients to restore or beautify their property virtually. Real estate agents use these virtual staged images to attract buyers to the property.

But what’s important to know here is the tools and equipment required for home virtual staging.

In this article, I will go through a series of necessities required to digitally stage your home.

Home virtual staging is the process of enhancing the photos of a property to make it more appealing to buyers.

To create virtual staging images at home, you will need the following items:

Empty room      

An empty room can be a blank canvas for home virtual staging. You can use editing software to add furniture, and décor to the room to give it a more occupied feeling. Eventually, this will persuade buyers to visualize how their décor might fit in the room.

To get started with virtual staging an empty room, you will need high-quality images of the room. These images are then edited and designers add 3D models of furniture e to an empty room. It may take some time to get the placement and styling of the elements in an empty room.

Professional photographer     

A home virtual staging company needs to hire an experienced real estate photographer. You will need clear, well-lit photos of the property for home virtual staging. Photographers capture it from various angles, to use as the base for your virtual staging. Professional photographers have the skills and equipment to create detailed images. These images act as bases to set the ground for virtual designers.

In addition to taking photos of the property, they can provide valuable guidance on how to optimize the images for home virtual staging. They may suggest adjustments or enhancements that are suitable for virtual staging.

In short, working with a professional photographer can save time and add value to work.

Light source     

Indeed, real estate photographers mostly rely on natural light to capture photos. But sometimes, they use luminescent lights to capture the interior of a house.

Luminescent provides an extra layer of lightning to objects apart from natural light. Photographers may use studio strobes, LEDs, incandescent, and fluorescent lights. However, most photographers use studio strobe to set the basics for home virtual staging.

A lot of other equipment assists in capturing the best pictures of a house. Photographers and Videographers use soft boxes to diffuse the light from a light source. It has a front panel that softens the light, giving more uniform illumination.

In real estate photography, they provide a more natural, softer light falling on the house. It sets the tone for home virtual staging.

Similarly, Photographers use light stands to hold and position light sources. They are aluminum made and have adjustable height and a tripod base for stability. Light falls on the object at a specific angle and direction due to stands.

A tripod   

A tripod is a three-legged stand that holds a camera or light device in a stable position. It is an essential tool to keep the camera stable to minimize the chances of blurry images.

There are different types of tripods available, from lightweight to heavy models. Heavy tripods essentially can support heavier cameras and lenses. While lighter tripods are easy to carry in far locations.

In the context of virtual staging, photographers use a tripod to take stable images of a property. By using a tripod, you ensure that the camera does not capture blurry images. And the captured photos are clear with the focused house.


It is a device that captures still or moving images, typically by focusing light onto the object. Most photographers use DSLR cameras for home virtual staging.

In real estate photography camera is the primary weapon to get hands-on 360 photos of the house. By using a good camera with a high resolution, photographers can capture the entire house. It is also helpful to use a wide-angle lens to capture as much of the room as possible in the image.

If photographers use a smartphone camera, the phone must be stable when taking images. They can even use a tripod to keep the phone steady and reduce the risk of blurry images.

Zoom lens    

A lens when capped in front of the camera zooms the view to a greater extent. A lens allows you to adjust the focal length, zoom in and out, and capture a wide range of focal lengths. With a lens, photographers easily adjust the framing without moving the camera.

The 16-35mm focal length range is a popular choice for wide-angle zoom lenses. A wide-angle lens like this can be particularly useful for capturing images of a property. As it captures a wide angle of view, so it is suitable for outdoor and interior real estate photography. For the best home virtual staging, using a lens is a priority for photographers. It not only captures more of the room in a single shot but also makes it easier to see the layout and dimensions.

However, it is important to note that lenses produce softer images compared to prime lenses.

A website   

A portfolio or website showcases your work and skills to clients for real estate staging.

A portfolio includes a selection of your best work, experience, and qualifications. By creating a portfolio or website, you can easily share your work with others and give potential clients an idea of what you are capable of.

A home virtual staging agency must have a unique website with work samples of all past clients.

Overall, a website can help you to stand out in the field of virtual staging and increase your chances of success in the industry.

Virtual staging experts too need equipment to craft the best results for you. Some of the elements virtual staging designers use are:

A computer or laptop 

You will need a device with graphic capabilities to run the necessary software. Often, Virtual designers use max-performing laptops with high RAM and storage space. As all the virtual staging process is done digitally so having a computer is mandatory.

Besides laptop, the latest 3D designing software must be installed in it to carry out the operations.

Digital image editing software 

Editing software installed on a heavy processing system is essential for home virtual staging. Because the software enhances the images of a property to give a realistic view of the house.

There are many software options available for virtual staging. Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp, and lightroom are some of them. Adobe Creative Cloud is a popular suite of software that includes a range of tools for image editing. Photoshop and lightroom are its products.

Photoshop is a powerful image editor that makes a wide range of changes to your images. These changes include adjusting exposure, color, and composition, adding text, graphics, and other elements.

Lightroom is a photo editing software that is specifically designed for working with large volumes of digital images. It not only allows you to import, organize, and edit your images but also provides tools for managing and sharing your photo library.

To use Adobe Creative Cloud for virtual staging, you will need to have a subscription to the service. In response, this will give you access to the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. Hence, you can make adjustments and add virtual staging elements to the property.

Virtual furniture 

Finally, a home virtual staging expert needs decor and furniture to insert in the empty room. Digital furniture and other décor elements virtually stage a property.

Virtual stage designers may use 3D models of tables, chairs, sofas, and beds. Moreover, rugs, curtains, and artwork can also be integrated into staging.

Virtual designers use 3D modeling software to manipulate Virtual furniture. Therefore, it is a useful tool for virtual staging, as it allows you to quickly visualize different furniture layouts and decorating options.

Some virtual staging companies also offer a range of virtual furniture options for their clients to choose


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