Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Details of the user (you) or (client) such as registration information on our website, place an order, subscribe or signup for a newsletter, or fill any forms out, you are authorizing Team Picpros to collect your data and information as provided by the user.
Such personal pieces of information are considered in the following:

Full name
Credit card information
E-mail address
Phone number
Mailing address
To prevent Team Picpros, from abstracting and collecting your information, it is encouraged to visit our site anonymously.

How is your information used?

The client’s information is collected from you so that it may be used on or more of the following methods:

  • To provide an exceptional and personalized experience – Your respondents and answers will help us to evaluate your requirements better.
  • Based on the specifications and details obtained from you, we use these metrics to improve the functionality of our website.
  • Based on the specifications and details obtained from you, we will use collected information in order to improve our customer services and support team.
  • Based on the specifications and details obtained from you, we will use collected information in order to improve our customer services and support team. By understanding our customer’s modes of payment methods and what is mostly preferred from the client, we evaluate and determine if we need to further enhance our payment methods or add new integrations, (APIs etc.)
  • All pieces of information gathered and obtained from you will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other source / agency / business / or contact individuals whatsoever, unless a verbal or written communication consent is established and is informed to Team Picpros during or before the deployment of the project or requirements.
  • To provide comprehensive reports, updates, and specifications or to address specific concerns regarding the project. In this case, we will use your email address that is on file (the email address used during the time of the sign up) to respond to inquiries, urgent requests, place cancellations, and / or other requests or questions related to the project or direct concerns related to the range of services that we specialize in and provide.
  • To send periodic emails – the email address you provide may be used to send you information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.

How do we protect your information?

Team Picpros, have a number of security measurements that are strategically followed and enforced at all times, ensuring any and all information and data that is shared between the two parties is confidential and secure. Team Picpros‘ resources and security infrastructure relies on a number of mixed On-premises, Off-premises and cloud based secure servers. With Team Picpros, ‘ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, clients and other individuals information such as credit information is placed under an encrypted process to help secure transactions.
Only authorized individuals have the right to access the database that is associated to any forms of payment gateway providers, databases, and other sources of company data.
Every transaction conducted between (client and Team Picpros, ) shall have a transaction ID which a client may use to track the status of their order or the services that they have obtained from Team Picpros, . Furthermore, it is essential to provide clients with such record in order to ensure the integrity of the order and shall grant a copy of an invoice to the client for his / her record keeps.

First 14 days after completion of an order

Team Picpros, shall keep all client information (including project specifications and details) while the project / or requirements are ongoing between both parties. Upon completion of such required project, Team Picpros, have the right to hold your information for 14 business days. After the completion of the 14 days, Team Picpros, ‘ system will self-automatically delete your specifications and details from our servers. However, during this stage, customers can request for their data from our servers.

After 28 Days

By the 28th mark, Team Picpros, will permanently delete all personal data information exception for client name and email address. This is for the purpose to offer our clients new services, and or special promotions that may be relevant to the client’s interest. In order for the client to remove themselves from receiving special promotions or emails, client must reply “NO”, in order to permanently disable notifications or special promotional emails from Team Picpros, .

Let’s talk about cookies! No, not the ones that you eat!

So if you are wondering what cookies are, they are basically files that a site or the service provider gathers and sends directly to a computer’s hard drive through means of using your web browser. This can only be done if the client allows this to happen on their system after allowing the action to take place. Enabling this feature will help browsers and services providers recognize the client’s browser and capture certain information that is relevant to the client.

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Team Picpros, is under the compliance of California Online Privacy Protection Act.

Online privacy policy only

This document highlights rules, regulations and policies that applies to information that is collected through Team Picpros, website online. Team Picpros, Private Policies doesn’t apply to any data obtained off-line.

Contacting Us

Team Picpros, can be reached through the following methods: