Item Removal


Increase Buyer Interest

90% of buyers start looking online, where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer’s interest.

Get Rid of Clutter

Remove tenanted properties’ furniture and unwanted clutter to better present to future buyers.

Thought You Had The Perfect Shot?

Just getting ready to upload your latest listing and realise that you have found something that shouldn’t be in the shot?

Prepare For Virtual Staging

Empty a room of unappealing furniture so that the image helps buyers visualize themselves in the home.

1 Or 2 Small Items Removal Before1 OR 2 Small Items Removal After


US $4.00

Need to eliminate that old looking parlor, perhaps the transcending b-ball loop in the front yard or is there a latrine brush in the washroom? Eliminating a couple of key things can dramatically affect the introduction of the room. Utilizing our thing expulsion will leave you with a spotless and welcoming space.


US $8.00

On the off chance that something in the photograph is demolishing your shot, essentially have it carefully eliminated. Possibly you need to eliminate the fine art on each divider or clean up a room. Eliminating additional things can help cause a space to appear to be more appealing and inviting.

3+ Small Items; Or 1 Or More Large Items Before3+ Small Items; Or 1 Or More Large Items After

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get my photos in 24 hours?

We have a global team of Virtual Interior Design Gurus working 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver your photos on time. Please allow additional time for larger jobs (8+ images).

What if I want to change something?

Easy! If you would like anything changed, we will rework any images for you at no cost. The only restrictions are that we request you submit reworks within 2 months of the original job. We don’t include free reworks if you wish to change the furniture style, or the image being staged. For example, if you ask us to stage a photo as a modern contemporary games room, we cannot rework it by requesting an urban/industrial bedroom. This will need to be submitted as a separate job.

Can you really put realistic furniture in my empty house?

Absolutely. Our expert team of virtual staging gurus will match or choose the best furniture for the room provided using the most advanced 3D modelling software.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Sorry, there are no volume discounts available. We operate on high volume and low margins and offer the same low price to all customers.

How long do you store my photos for?

We keep your edited photos for at least 24 months. We may remove your original unedited photos after a much shorter period of time. We also encourage you to save your photos on your own computer.

Can I get exact furniture pieces?

We do our best to match the style of furniture selected, but cannot guarantee exact furniture pieces. To achieve the look you want, providing sample/reference images can help ensure we hit the mark with your virtually staged image.

What is included in virtual staging?

Virtual Staging is for the addition of furniture and accessories only. For any physical changes to the property including adding fixtures, changing flooring, adding landscaping or any form of renovations, please use our Virtual Renovation product.

Can I have lights, curtains & blinds added to my virtually staged image?

As a default, we do not add these items unless specifically asked. Our design gurus will be more than happy to add these items, however we do not guarantee to add an exact replica shown in a reference image you provide. If you would like the exact style, please look at our Virtual Renovation services.