Using Drone Cameras for Real Estate Photography in 2022

Gone are the days when newlywed couples hired a separate camera and photographer for their wedding. In today’s world, one can experience a wide range of wedding photography services under the same roof.

Similarly, capturing images for real estate has evolved as well. There have emerged unique and creative ways to encapsulate the slightest details of the buildings in the camera. One example is Real Estate Photography with Drones.

Drone photography has extended its roots from traveling and weddings to capturing intriguing images for real estate.

Let’s fasten the seat belt as I will cover the following headings in the article.


Using Drone Cameras For Real Estate Photography in 2022

Understanding Drone Cameras And Their Use In Real Estate Photography:

The Need Of Drones For Real Estate Photography And Its Uses.

  1. A Whole New Perspective:
  2. Angles from all directions:
  3. Aerial views:
  4. Winning strategy:
  5. Real-time videos:
  6. Amateur videographer:
  7. Video shooting:
  8. Cost-effective:

Using The Right Techniques For Real Estate Photography



Understanding Drone Cameras and Their Use in Real Estate Photography:  

Drones are tiny flying machines in the air with cameras installed in them. A drone may vary in shape and size. They are small, around one meter, and they incorporate silicon chips with advanced processors giving ultimate functions. Most drones are hexapods in shape but that’s not a compulsory rule. Up to four-minute fans are attached to a centralized body containing a micro-camera. Drone cameras are being built in mass production for the convenience of humans. The attachment of advanced high-tech, high-resolution cameras provides the ability to rotate 360° direction.

Nowadays, Private individuals extensively use drone cameras, which were once limited to military use only. There are numerous Drones For Real Estate Photography available in the market. Let’s dig into the uses and to-dos required for real estate photography.

The Need of Drones for Real Estate Photography and Its Uses.

Drones have quickly become a staple tool in the real estate photographer’s arsenal. By using drones for real estate photography, photographers can capture stunning images of properties from a unique perspective.

Drones are a great way to get more professional-looking photos of your property. There weren’t any drones around one decade ago, so if there were digital cameras already in the first place, then why did drone use in real estate comes up, and why they’re so trending topic?


Let’s check in detail the uses and needs of Real Estate Photography with Drones.

1. A Whole New Perspective:

Builders can employ drone cameras to showcase the buildings in their inventory. In the past, people were used to seeing images captured by digital cameras.

So, to add value and bring new fervor, digital creators played a trick in capturing stunning photos of homes and corporate offices with drones.

Drone Real Estate Photography brings a whole new perspective to the estate space with alluring photos.

2. Angles from all directions:

Adding a whole new perspective, drones without a doubt underlines the surrounding beauty of the neighborhood through great visual dynamics.

Drone real estate photography takes striking shots of properties from the air. It gives a viewer a good look at a house from all angles.

Normally a viewer can view the image of a property or real estate land in two dimensional but using drone shoots helps to monitor the three dimension angles.

Not only are drones a great way to capture property shots, but we can shoot aerial footage of entire communities. Drones can film an entire neighborhood or even an entire city.

3. Aerial views:

Whether it’s agricultural land, a top-story building, a residential home, or a flat, drone photography captures the aerial shoots of all. These aerial shots provide a size comparison of related buildings in the area.

You may capture images from the top and also from different angles to frame the property. Indeed, the aerial views are the best angles to attract potential customers.

Not only do the drone cameras add aesthetic vibes to your content, but provide an eagle-eye view that is inaccessible normally.

4. Winning strategy:

As the pixel result of mobile cameras has gotten better, photography by cell phones has increased.

So, why can’t retailers use their iPhone cameras to capture scenic images of the living room? Why are they spending assets on a more cost-effective way to hire professional drone flyers?

Virtual video staging, Drone Real Estate Photography, and videos from different angles are winning strategies for enhancing your business. Yes, they attract more customers to your business and convert them into sales. Other else, which sane men will pay for the photography services that even they can do on their cell phones.

5. Real-time videos:

Drones not only capture great picturesque but also make short videos. They can capture good-quality photos and even videos, especially during daybreak and for online displays.

Drones For Real Estate Photography are the best tool for getting real-time videos. These videos are more demanded by the customers than normal photos. According to a study by the BBC, clients frequently ask the property seller about videos of residential homes instead of pictures. Furthermore, it can cover all boundaries of land and understand how the size of the property is in real life.

6. Amateur videographer:

Every skill or profession requires experience and expertise. However, Real Estate Photography with Drones does not require any experience or technical expertise.

Even a layman who lacks knowledge of drones can rent a drone and shoot with it. You just need enough understanding of handling the joystick and taking snaps at the right time.

Moreover, it will also save your bucks by not hiring a professional residential drone photographer.

7. Video shooting:

Not only are they an efficient tool to capture high-quality aerial footage, but they also enable candid video shots of properties in their natural habitat. Drones have storage capacity as you can install memory cards in them. These memory cards store the long working live videos of drones or get directly uploaded to the cloud. Video making by drones is a laborious task as it also requires supporting staff and pieces of equipment to shoot. Gimbal and tripod are not required despite that, you can add live moving videos in-house instead of editable pictures.

8. Cost-effective:

Finally, drones with prominent features should be affordable to buy and their services should be reasonable enough for landlords to hire. The demand for Real Estate Photography with Drones can only be soared when it is cost-effective.

The business of drone cameras is in increased demand due to its low rate. As video shooting and picture taking by drones gets completed in a short time, so more real estate developers and builders pursue drone services.

Using the Right Techniques for Real Estate Photography

With the right software and settings, you can create high-quality photos that will make your home stand out from the rest. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Make sure you set your drone up for aerial photography. This includes finding a drone that is compatible with your camera and settings and positioning the drone for a good range.
  2. Use a good landscape or portrait orientation for drone flyway. This will help your drone fly in a more natural-looking way and will help you capture all the important details. A direction and better angle to picture the property requires the creative abilities of a person flying the Drone For Real Estate Photography.
  3. Use the right ISO settings before capturing the images. The higher the ISO, the higher the quality of your photos will be. Make sure your drone can handle the high ISO settings before you start shooting.
  4. Use a tripod to balance the drone. Although it is only required in still photography, you may still use it so that the video doesn’t shake. A tripod will help keep your drone stable and will help you capture beautiful photos without any movement.


In conclusion,

Flying drones in the commercial area and capturing intriguing images of real estate bests work when handled by experienced staff. Our team at PicPros are professionals and has years of experience. We have covered dozens of clients in your neighborhood.

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