Virtual Staging


Sell Properties Faster

Homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not.

Increase Buyer Interest

90% of buyers start looking online, where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer’s interest.

Higher Sale Price

83% of staged properties sell for the asking price or above.

A Fraction of The Cost of Traditional Staging

We can virtually furnish an entire room for just $40.00 per image.

Get Rid of That Empty, Cold

and Abandoned Feeling

Fill your listing with stylish furniture which allows buyers to visualize themselves in the home.

Stage It to Suit

Select from our range of style options to stage your listing to suit the home


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Our expert editors will utilize furniture that includes metal, glass, steel or unpainted wood components to make a smooth-looking space. Present-day arranging is generally monochrome shading based on unbiased tones and at times broken by brilliant tones utilized in divider craftsmanship or pads. We will make that shocking clean look with insignificant extras and a scramble of imaginative pizazz.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

By choosing Scandinavian, we will organize your stay with insignificant and modern furnishings. Your posting will be loaded up with warm wood tones and indoor plants to make a light, brilliant space. Envision that delightful worn calfskin love seat with a cover or soft toss or that room with loosened up layered sheet material to make that downplayed inviting yet comfortable inclination.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Substantial utilization of metal, stone and glass both clear and misty with strong furniture can be found in a contemporary home. We utilize a delicate shading palette for intensely finished window goods, pads and floor coverings. Nonetheless, a heavier presence of shading through covers and neatly outlined divider workmanship can be obvious in some contemporary styled rooms. Basic very much chose frill are constantly utilized all through this sort of styling.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

We make exemplary and light spaces with furniture suitably positioned in a conventional game plan to welcome discussion and make an exceptionally adjusted space. Unpretentious shading considerations are utilized to make those hefty surfaces and household items used to open the space and make daintiness. You can frequently discover velvets, lavishly beautifying woven textures, cotton and silk in florals, paisleys, stripes and plaids designs.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Picture effortlessness and appeal to meet the reasonable living. By choosing this style, you can hope to see a blend of extravagant love seats, padded bar stools and a general blend of mixed stylistic themes. Warmth is brought into the space by endured woods, things with provincial complete and praised by colors that have a vintage or old-fashioned feel.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Reused insignificant present day styling with a legitimate vintage feels utilizing differentiating and commending components of new and reused things. Envision comfortable lounge chairs, floor coverings, stockpiling arrangements utilized as a stylistic theme and huge indoor plants. Profound shades of dark, dim and earthy colors is obvious all through this way of organizing.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Rooms without furniture can look preferably dull and a lot more modest than they truly are. Adding a bed, side table and dresser can exhibit exactly how large the room is and add life to the beforehand dead space.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

The core of the home, make the most of the occasion to clean up and restyle the kitchen to draw in more purchasers. A spotless kitchen with present-day styling will assist a purchaser with envisioning investing energy with their family, cooking, eating and holding in the focal room of the home.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Each house is novel, so the group at Team PicPros can outfit a property relying upon the home’s character and style. Counting looks from jazzy goods with extravagant lounge chairs and cozy beds to a more current look with smooth, clean lines. Having virtual furniture added to a picture will save you thousands in arranging costs and permits you to exhibit exactly how the format can function for likely purchasers.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Frequently the main room you stroll into; a living territory is a famous spot for families and companions to accumulate, sit in front of the TV or simply unwind. Show purchasers how the space can function by adding a virtual couch with a chaise, a TV with a lovely view on the screen and a stylish footstool. Perceiving how a space can function will assist purchasers with envisioning themselves living in the home.


US $30.00 / $40.00 PER IMAGE

Take this risk to show your purchasers how adding some virtual organizing to the outside of the property can improve both road allure and show how these open air engaging territories can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get my photos in 24 hours?

We have a global team of Virtual Interior Design Gurus working 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver your photos on time. Please allow additional time for larger jobs (8+ images).

What if I want to change something?

Easy! If you would like anything changed, we will rework any images for you at no cost. The only restrictions are that we request you submit reworks within 2 months of the original job. We don’t include free reworks if you wish to change the furniture style, or the image being staged. For example, if you ask us to stage a photo as a modern contemporary games room, we cannot rework it by requesting an urban/industrial bedroom. This will need to be submitted as a separate job.

Can you really put realistic furniture in my empty house?

Absolutely. Our expert team of virtual staging gurus will match or choose the best furniture for the room provided using the most advanced 3D modelling software.

What is included in virtual staging?

Virtual Staging is for the addition of furniture and accessories only. For any physical changes to the property including adding fixtures, changing flooring, adding landscaping or any form of renovations, please use our Virtual Renovation product.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Sorry, there are no volume discounts available. We operate on high volume and low margins and offer the same low price to all customers.

How long do you store my photos for?

We keep your edited photos for at least 24 months. We may remove your original unedited photos after a much shorter period of time. We also encourage you to save your photos on your own computer.

Can I get exact furniture pieces?

We do our best to match the style of furniture selected, but cannot guarantee exact furniture pieces. To achieve the look you want, providing sample/reference images can help ensure we hit the mark with your virtually staged image.

Can I have lights, curtains & blinds added to my virtually staged image?

As a default, we do not add these items unless specifically asked. Our design gurus will be more than happy to add these items, however we do not guarantee to add an exact replica shown in a reference image you provide. If you would like the exact style, please look at our Virtual Renovation services.