Why You Should Use Matterport 3D Tours for Real Estate

Matterport’s 3D home tours are some of the most advanced 3D models available, bringing real estate to life in entirely new ways. If you’ve ever viewed a virtual tour of a property and thought to yourself, Yeah, but could I walk through that? Then you know how exciting Matterport 3D tours can be.

These revolutionary tours allow prospective buyers to walk through homes on the market from anywhere in the world. Making it easy to find exactly what you need without wasting time or energy touring homes that aren’t up to your standards.

What is Matterport?    

Matterport is a technology that creates immersive, virtual reality experiences that are viewable on any web browser or mobile device. The way it works is you take photos of the inside and outside of a house and they use 3D modeling to turn the images into an interactive walkthrough that can be navigated from room to room, zoomed in on specific areas of interest, and viewed from different angles.

It takes 360-degree photos and then stitches them together to form a 3D image. The tours can be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. No special hardware is required.

Matterport offers two versions of the software

Professional and DIY. If you’re an experienced professional in the real estate industry. There are few reasons not to go with their professional version. If not, their DIY (Do it yourself) version will provide more than enough features for most people looking for a cost-effective way to do home staging or just show off what they have to offer.

It’s easy! All you need is some pictures from all around your house and follow the instructions on how to use the site. After taking around 20-30 minutes for the process. You’ll be able to view your new tour online and share it with others. They offer great documentation on how to get started using Matterport. So if you want a quick tutorial before diving into the app itself, click here.

Matterport has an affiliate program so if this sounds like something you would like to try out but don’t know where to start contact us today!

Impress and Connect with Potential Buyers  

The majority of people these days are searching for homes on their smartphones. They want to know as much about the home as possible before they visit. So you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Images and videos are great, but using a Matterport 3D Tour will give them an even better idea of what the house is like. And it’s quick and easy to create!

It’s important that buyers feel comfortable with where they’re going to live. So having an immersive experience can really set your property apart from others in the area. Not only that, but VR has been shown to reduce buyer’s risk in purchasing a new property.

Allowing potential buyers to see inside the home without visiting it first allows them to determine if this is the right place for them. Using Matterport technology can help save time, money, and stress. When buying or selling a home. Give your clients the best real estate experience possible by giving them virtual tours that are easy to use on any device!

How Can Matterport Help Me?   

Matterport offers a way to see the inside of your home or business before you make an offer. A matterport scan creates a 3d model of your space. Which can be viewed from any angle and even shared with others. This means that when it comes time to sell or lease your property. You will have an interactive way to show it off. And if you are in the market for a new place, then you can use this technology to explore all of your options before making a decision.

Matterport scans can also be used as virtual tours- simply enter your address on the Matterport website. Choose an appointment date and time (usually 30 minutes), and bring along a video device such as a smartphone. These short videos will take prospective buyers through each room of your house. Giving them the opportunity to examine it at their own pace, without having to drive around town looking for houses. If they like what they see, they may contact you directly or set up a viewing appointment.

It’s easy to share these videos on Facebook and other social media sites so that friends and family members who don’t live nearby can virtually tour the home too. Most importantly, buying a property with Matterport is hassle free. When purchasing a home, it’s always best to get two inspections. One by the buyer’s inspector and one by the seller’s inspector.

With most homes, there is usually some small point about the plumbing or electrical system that needs fixing before purchase can happen. But if the home was scanned using Matterport technology, then the buyer has already seen those potential issues without needing to do an inspection themselves!

Matterport Scan Cost

Because a Matterport scan produces high quality images. You can easily tell if something is wrong just by looking at the photos- and no costly or invasive repairs need to be done beforehand. So how much does a Matterport scan cost? The answer depends on where you live. Prices range from $900-$2000 depending on whether you are scanning your whole house or just one room.

That might seem like a lot up front, but if it helps close the deal faster, it could save you money in the long run. In fact, many homeowners spend thousands of dollars to remodel kitchens and bathrooms only to put their house back on the market after living in it for only a year. With Matterport 3D Tours, you won’t need any renovations or expensive improvements before putting your home back out into the world again. Instead, you’ll have an online presence that is modern and polished; ready for viewers both near and far!

Should I Hire a Matterport Photographer or Do it myself?

There are many benefits to hiring a Matterport photographer. For one, you can be confident that a professional will produce high-quality images with the latest technology. Second, the photographer will provide you with all of the necessary equipment and software to create a complete 3D tour. Third, it is often difficult to determine what type of lighting or angle would be best for your property without an expert opinion. Fourth, professionals have access to tours for other properties which can give you inspiration for how to stage yours.

Finally, it’s important to have photos taken by a professional so they are responsible for any liabilities that might come up later. It’s also possible to get photo editing services from them as well, but these typically cost more than the basic photography package. However, there are times when hiring a Matterport photographer just doesn’t make sense.

It is time consuming and expensive to go through this process for every listing on your site or if you don’t need professional quality images. If you’re looking for something quick and inexpensive, then doing it yourself may be better option. Plus, if you already know what types of angles work best for your property. Then there is no reason not to do it yourself. If on the other hand, you want someone who has experience in staging homes for sale. Then hiring a Matterport photographer may be worth it.

A Quick Wrap 

3D virtual tours are a great way to get a feel of what the space is like before you visit it in person. This can help you decide if the space is right for your needs. And gives you an idea of how it will look when furnished. Plus, they’re fun to explore!

They allow users to zoom through the entire property or take a stroll around the perimeter. Even entering rooms that may be off-limits during an open house tour. You can also see furnishings and fixtures from all angles by rotating them on their axes, as well as zoom in on detail shots such as built-in cabinetry or textured fabrics.

And not only do Matterport VR Tours help potential home buyers; they’re helpful to renters looking for something to call their own. Some rental properties require a security deposit. Which often amounts to three months rent; a virtual walkthrough allows potential renters to figure out if this investment is worth it without having to spend money on travel or temporary living expenses. It also provides a feeling of familiarity with the space before moving in.

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