Drone Photography and Videography to Sell Your Home

There are many different factors to consider when buying or selling your home. But one factor that you may have not thought of as important may be the possibility of including drone photography or videography in your real estate listing. If you’re looking to sell quickly. Drone photography and videography can give your property the boost it needs to attract buyers.

Here’s why drone photography and videography are the next big thing in real estate and how you can incorporate them into your listing today!

Why real estate drone photography?        

Real estate drone photography is becoming a more popular method of marketing a home. Using real estate drone photography is an innovative way to make your listing stand out. Particularly in an area where there are multiple homes for sale.

This style of photography gives viewers a fresh perspective of a property and leaves them with a lasting impression. Potential buyers will not only enjoy seeing how you’ve built your home. But they will also be able to quickly ascertain all that it has to offer.

Getting started with drone photography/videography

Whether you’re looking to show off your home as a part of an open house or trying to capture footage for your next listing. A drone can serve as a cost-effective way to produce high-quality photos or videos. To get started with drone photography/videography, follow these five tips.

  1. Drone must be registered with FAA
  2. Drone must be used in line of sight
  3. Always check weather conditions
  4. Do not fly over people or moving vehicles
  5. Do not fly in areas that are heavily populated

What are the benefits of drone videography?

The benefits of drone videography can be vast. The best thing about using a drone is that it captures footage from a point of view. You simply can’t get with traditional methods. It’s also fun, creative, cinematic, and highly effective.

Here are the reasons why real estate drone photography is one of your most valuable tools in marketing your home for sale

  1. Real Estate Drone Footage Is Fun And Creative: People love watching videos; they’re more engaging than static images, so they draw people in and make them want to see more. A drone video of your home gives potential buyers an immersive experience they won’t find anywhere else—and as we all know, first impressions count! This will help encourage them to come take a look at your property in person.
  1. Real Estate Drone Videos Are Cinematic: Real estate videography doesn’t have to be boring and generic. Using a drone allows you to capture cinematic footage that makes viewers feel like they’re right there with you. You can use beautiful slow-motion shots, zoom in on specific details, or pan around for a wide-angle view—the possibilities are endless!
  2. Real Estate Drone Footage Is Highly Effective: In today’s real estate market, it’s all about creating an immersive experience for potential buyers. And what better way to do that than by giving them something they can’t get anywhere else? A real estate drone video is a creative way to show off your property from an angle buyers won’t find anywhere else—and it might just help you sell your home faster too!

What are the cost differences between using a drone vs. traditional methods?

Real estate drone photography is not cheap. A typical shoot requires hiring a professional, which can easily cost $400 an hour or more. So you can see how quickly it adds up. On top of that, while most real estate photographers will provide general footage from above. Drone videographers provide high-quality videos that truly showcase your home.

These videos are for professional marketing campaigns for properties sold in today’s market. If you’re looking to save some cash, another thing to consider is whether or not you really need aerial footage of your property.

While it certainly helps sell homes faster and for higher prices, sometimes good old-fashioned ground shots work just fine. It depends on your specific circumstances—but either way, make sure you have a clear understanding of exactly what type of images/videos you’ll be getting before signing any contracts with a photographer/videographer.

Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Drones  

Drones provide an aerial view of your home that can dramatically improve your listing photos. The bird’s-eye view, coupled with wide-angle shots from above and below, can make listings more engaging for potential buyers. In addition, drones are safe to use in residential areas—which is something that not all photo or video services can say!

It’s also worth noting that drone photography doesn’t just benefit real estate agents; homeowners can use drone videography to record their property. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want a stunning view of your land, hiring a professional drone photographer or videographer could be a smart investment.

How does drone photography/videography help real estate agents? 

The question we should be asking is, how does drone photography and videography help real estate agents, home owners, and most importantly, their customers? Real estate is all about seeing what you can’t see.

It’s really easy to take pictures with your phone or buy pictures of houses from other sources and put them on your website but those photos don’t exactly show potential buyers everything they need to know. That’s where a drone comes in. A professional real estate photographer using a high-quality camera attached to a quadcopter (or hexacopter) can provide video footage that shows not only what it looks like inside and outside of a house, but also details that are hard to notice when viewing a house in person.

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