How 3D Virtual Tours are changing the Real Estate Market

Have you ever looked at an online listing for a home and wished you could see the place in person? Or been frustrated when you couldn’t get into the house because the listing was by appointment only? Real estate agents are going to have some serious competition soon. Thanks to a new wave of technology making it easier than ever to create 3D virtual tours of houses that potential buyers can explore online before they ever step foot inside.

Why are virtual tours changing real estate marketing?      

Today’s consumers demand a robust virtual reality experience when visiting a property. Virtual tours give real estate agents an easy way to help buyers, sellers and renters get a feel for their new surroundings before they buy or rent. That gives real estate agents a leg up on their competition.

The benefits of a 3D Virtual Tour for your business    

Agents that utilize 3D virtual tours often experience increased sales as a result of reduced time on market. Listings with virtual tours also sell for $6,000 more than listings without them. With a cost of only $350 to set up a listing’s first tour. There’s no reason not to add it to your marketing toolkit. If you don’t have one, create one today! It’s easy and affordable.

What does the future hold for virtual reality in real estate?  

In just over a year, 360-degree cameras have gone from novelties to market staples. They aren’t yet mainstream, but at least they’re no longer an alien concept to most people—that is. It would take some real effort to shock someone if you told them that they could use their phone or computer to look around inside their dream home before moving in.

But virtual reality (VR) is far more than a gimmick for real estate agents and sellers. VR is more than just a glimpse inside someone’s dream home—it’s the start of a revolution in the way people shop for and buy homes. The real estate industry is not the only sector about to get virtual reality impact, and it absolutely behooves you to keep up with this rapidly evolving technology.

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