How to Make a Room Look Bigger: 7 Tips for Fooling the Eye

How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Your living room seems fine, right? Sure, it’s not as big as you’d like it to be, but what can you do? Well, there are actually quite a few ways you can make your room appear bigger than it really is. In fact, you can use these 7 tips to make any room in your house look bigger with ease! Check out our list below to get started!

Use contrasts and light colors that make rooms look bigger  

  1. Contrasts – Rooms look bigger if they have darker colors on one side of the wall and light colors on the other side. One way to achieve this effect is by using dark wooden furniture against a bright, white wall. An opposite effect is achieved by painting your walls with high contrast colors. Choosing lighter grays or whites with dark charcoal or black accents will also have an optical illusion making your room look taller and larger.
  2. Light Colors – The brighter the color, the more likely it will be reflected in a mirror-like quality from surrounding objects giving you that wide open feel. You can do this by choosing lighter shades of paint such as off-whites, pastels or neutrals. And don’t forget the color of your rugs and curtains which should be matched accordingly.
  3. Space Utilization – Make sure there’s plenty of space around all furnishings so that items don’t seem crowded together and make the room seem smaller.
  4. Wallpaper – It’s best to stick with neutral colored wallpaper because these tend to be less distracting than patterned paper which can overpower your space. Consider sticking with just one accent wall which draws attention away from the other three walls.
  5. Lighting – Place lights behind artwork and mirrors to bounce natural light throughout the room and give it an expansive feel.
  6. Framing Furniture – Frames draw attention to the piece itself while framing out any clutter that may be going on in a corner of the room. Similarly, placing furniture at different levels adds depth to your space and makes it seem larger.
  7. Fill with Plants – Adding plants to your home has a positive influence on mood, mental health, physical well-being and creativity. They are especially effective when placed near windows and offer visual relief from what could otherwise be a sterile environment.
  8. Keep Your Home Organized – A cluttered room looks like its small whereas organized rooms appear more spacious. For example, use bookshelves instead of stacking books up on top of each other which can take up valuable floor space. Hanging clothes on racks instead of piles also keeps them from taking up too much space.

If you’re really cramped for space, try storing things under beds or inside cabinets that usually go unused. There are many ways to fool the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is!

Open up your space with creative lighting   

One of the best ways to make a room look bigger is by using creative lighting. Consider adding lamps near focal points that draw your eye upward, such as on top of bookcases or above artwork. This will create instant height and make everything seem more dramatic. For example, go with sleek pendant lamps with clean lines rather than traditional table lamps.

Don’t forget about light fixtures in areas that may otherwise be dark, like corners. Accentuate high ceilings: If you have vaulted ceilings in your living space, try adding some lights up there! You’ll get an illusion of greater height and feel as though you’re standing in a loft.

Cut the Clutter  

If you want to create the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is, you should start by eliminating clutter. Too much furniture, stacks of books and boxes, and cluttered walls all contribute to a crowded space. Keeping things simple will help make your room seem less claustrophobic and more expansive.

Leave enough open space so you can move freely without bumping into anything. Eliminate unnecessary pieces of furniture or decorative objects that only take up space or collect dust. Keep the floor clean and clear with no piles of clothes or clutter on top.

Create a focal Point    

The best way to make a small room look larger is by focusing on one big element, such as painting the walls white and installing bright lighting. If you are working with dark colors and natural light, try opening the windows as much as possible.

When it comes to furniture, opting for clean lines will create an illusion of space. You can also add mirrors strategically in order to make some areas seem more open and others appear less crowded. Large paintings or photographs placed near the ceiling give a sense of height, which will make your ceilings feel taller than they actually are.

Lastly, adding plants throughout your space creates the impression that there’s greenery all around you, making everything look more expansive.

Add mirrors if Possible     

A quick and easy way to make any room look larger is by adding mirrors. Mirrors not only make the space look bigger, they also create lighter in the room and have a calming effect. Place a mirror across from any windows to help reflect light around the room.

To do this, place it so that when you are sitting near your window, you can see your reflection. You may want two or three mirrors placed throughout the room. If there’s one wall in the bedroom you don’t like because of an oddly shaped doorway or window, use a mirror as a headboard.

They’re also great at reflecting natural light into dark spaces such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. A long dresser with mirrors on either side will also give off an optical illusion making the whole thing appear taller than what it actually is. Finally, hang mirrors over mantels or fireplace hearths.

Get creative with Furniture   

There are some simple tricks that you can do when it comes to furniture placement. For example, placing your sofa up against the back wall will make it appear as if there is more space in front of it, making the room look bigger. Or, keep your TV close and off to one side of a large room so that it doesn’t steal attention from all the other items in your living space.

Hang pictures and paintings on the same level – not too high or low on the wall. If you’re adding a fireplace, place it near an outside corner of your home’s perimeter for maximum effect. Finally, use floor lamps instead of overhead lighting to brighten up corners that could otherwise feel cramped or dark.

Maximize your Room Arrangement  

If you’re looking to make your room look bigger and you’re feeling blocked with where to put things, don’t worry. There are many different ways that you can use to maximize your space without sacrificing the convenience of items that have become necessary in our day-to-day lives. For example, if you’re short on storage but want to display some decorative items or personal photos on the walls, consider using either side tables or shelving units.

Mount them higher up on the wall and line them up so they stretch across an entire wall lengthwise or place one right above another like a ladder! You’ll be amazed at how this simple trick will give the appearance of more space between the floor and ceiling.  Or try adding built-in cabinets. They not only provide great storage, but they also add height to your room which automatically makes it seem larger than it really is.

Plus, if you need extra living space, just slide out the cabinets from the wall and voila – instant sofa bed! It’s also important to note that when trying to make your room appear larger, it’s not always about taking down all of the furniture. Simply getting rid of clutter and clearing away unnecessary objects can do wonders too! Keep your favorite objects displayed near the entrance of a narrow hall or hallway for an immediate visual impact. The most important thing is to play around with various combinations until you find what works best for you!

Consider Adding Outdoor Elements

Think about adding objects like plants, fruit, and/or flowers outside. Not only does this add more natural beauty to your space, but it also creates an interesting focal point! Outdoor elements can often make rooms feel bigger too. Add any of these items to a balcony or windowsill and you’ll see how they help open up a room.

Even if you don’t have outdoor space available on the inside, consider planting succulents in pots that can be moved from room to room depending on where they are needed most. Alternatively, try filling a vase with fresh cut flowers. These three steps will ensure your home always looks beautiful without sacrificing valuable square footage!

A Quick Wrap   

With just a few small adjustments, you can make your space look bigger and brighter. Remember, it’s all in the details, so be creative and use your imagination! Mood lighting is key to making any room feel more spacious.  Light colors, soft colors or subdued light are best. There are also light fixtures available that will give off the perfect amount of ambient light while still preserving any color scheme you have going on in your home.

A focal point is an excellent way to trick your eye into believing there is more space than there actually is. Invest in a big painting, artwork or other wall décor and place it at least 8 feet up on the wall, preferably 10 feet high. Use mirrors as they work to reflect light (natural or artificial) and create the illusion of extra space.

Wall-to-wall carpeting works well as long as it has been professionally installed with enough cushioning underfoot. Large furniture pieces like oversized chairs and ottomans also help create the illusion of more space by breaking up what would otherwise be large open areas visually. Finally, don’t be afraid to stack items vertically rather than horizontally, which makes things appear less bulky. The bottom line is this: the smaller your area looks now, the easier it will be to find the perfect solution for maximizing that empty space later!

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