How to prepare your home for virtual staging

How to prepare your home for virtual staging

Virtual staging is the use of photos to show your home as if it were staged with furniture and accessories. Instead of showing the actual, empty rooms. This has become a popular way to sell homes online. But there are some steps you can take to make sure your home looks its best in photographs so that you can get top dollar when selling it. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for virtual staging!

Make Repairs    

Virtual staging is a great way to make your property seem more appealing and sellable. When you’re selling your house, you want as accommodating as possible. But there are some things that you should keep in mind before starting.

One of the first things that you’ll need to do is assess any damages in the house such as plumbing or electrical issues. Fix them before proceeding with any other work. If you have a pool, it’s important that it be clean and maintained throughout the process. Repair closets and cupboards so potential buyers can get a better idea of what’s inside. Remove personal items from surfaces like tables or counters. So buyers can imagine their own items there instead.

Finally, tidy up your yard so it looks presentable to potential buyers. Who might not know how much time goes into landscaping. Trim hedges, pull weeds, water plants, remove dead leaves, turn on garden fountains and fireplaces if applicable. Keeping your outside space tidy will also help buyers envision themselves. Taking care of it each day while they relax on the patio. Replace any missing shingles or broken windows. So they don’t distract by those problems when viewing the inside of your home. Take care of all necessary repairs and cleanup tasks before beginning staging. This way you won’t run out of time and won’t find yourself feeling rushed during the process.

Consider Your Target Buyers   

When most people think of staging their homes, they immediately turn to physical changes. They might switch the furniture around, install new lighting fixtures, paint the walls, or add a fresh coat of paint. However, even though virtual staging do not make any physical changes at all, this type of service can also be very valuable if you want to put your best foot forward when selling.

*If you have clutter in your home, it is important to remove it and create an organized space that buyers will enjoy exploring.

*It’s worth considering removing personal items like photographs and memorabilia as well, especially if these items are not reflective of who you are today.

*Remove pets from the space during viewing sessions too so that buyers don’t feel awkward about having them in the house during negotiations with their family. If you’ve created a specific office space in your home, use this room for showings instead of the formal living room. Don’t forget to include outdoor spaces such as a garden, deck, or yard if these areas exist on your property!

**This would be a great opportunity to hire professionals to ensure that everything looks perfect and weed-free.

**You may also want to consider refreshing the exterior of your home by painting doors, windowsills, and trim.

**The overall goal is for every inch of your property to look bright and inviting. No matter what size it is! For example, if you’re moving out of a condo and into a larger house, there are ways to set up the smaller place that can give prospective buyers visions of how much more space they’ll have once they buy.

Try using simple décor techniques like rotating photos so that only one is displayed at eye level (so there isn’t as much competing visual noise). If you’re looking for inspiration, get some ideas from magazines or books featuring cozy rooms. You could also search online for interior design websites or browse Instagram accounts focused on décor. The important thing is to remember that while potential buyers won’t see the end result. It can still impact whether they’re interested in making an offer on your home or not.

Focus On the Exterior  

Outside preparations are the most important. Homeowners should make sure their property is maintained, landscaped and free of clutter. An outdated coat of paint or new mulch could transform an average curb appeal into something desirable. While planting trees and flowers may be the finishing touch. Those opting for a fresh coat of paint should avoid choosing a stark color like white, gray or black. Because it will look too stark against the sky during daylight hours.

A light neutral tone that matches the roofing will provide the best backdrop. New windows and doors can also enhance a house’s exterior appearance with minimal cost. Windows should match in size and shape to ensure uniformity from one side of the house to another. If there’s a disparity in size or shape, homeowners should consider what impact this might have on buyers’ perceptions about other parts of the home’s layout.

For those considering replacing their front door. They should opt for a solid surface material rather than metal to prevent excessive noise when people walk up to the entrance. Finally, keep outdoor lighting clean and functional by cleaning any rust off fixtures as well as checking bulbs for burned out ones that need replaced before staging begins.

Final Words 

Virtual Staging is an exciting new option in the real estate industry that brings unprecedented affordability and convenience. It has been proven that many showings can be scheduled without leaving your home. Meaning less time in traffic and more time spent connecting with potential buyers. Once you book a Virtual Staging session. Our designers will come over for 1-2 hours to make a custom version of your home that appeals directly to buyers of today.

For example, we’ll change the lighting so it looks like natural daylight, we’ll place furniture around your house to create staged spaces, we’ll set up food on your kitchen countertops and dining room table to make it feel like someone lives there 24/7.

We recommend contacting us if you are interested in scheduling a consultation. We’ll go over all the details with you, answer any questions, and provide our honest opinion about whether or not this is right for your needs.

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