Virtual Renovation of a Property Using An iPhone 14

Property dealers have to go through a lot of hard work before they can sell a property. They invest a lot in indirect items, like marketing, and customer relations to renovate the property. Before the virtual renovation, they acquire the help of professional photographers.

Sometimes, it costs a lot of money to hire the services of photographers. These photographers capture alluring photos of the property from different angles. Indeed, the interior, as well as the exterior of the house, is captured by the photographer.

But the question arises that why they have to invest so much when they can capture photos themselves. Yes, I am right. Why waste the time and energy on photo studios when a realtor can do it himself? Simply, take out your phone and shoot the frame you want to capture. Send the image to the agency doing virtual reality staging. They will edit extra items and insert alluring objects to enhance the image.

iPhone 14 and virtual renovation  

An iPhone 14 is a smartphone made by an Apple company that launched it in 2021. It is a device that allows you to make phone calls, send texts, and access the internet. Moreover, it also has a variety of features, such as a camera, GPS, and the ability to download and use apps.

Virtual renovation is the digital staging of property that does not exist. Computer software creates a virtual model of a property and then makes renovations to it. It can also be a good way to experiment with different design ideas and see how they would work in the reality. In short, virtual renovation is a way to depict changes to a property before construction.

This article will show you how easy it is to film a virtual reenactment with your iPhone 14 smartphone.

Using iPhone 14 to capture property photos

The iPhone 14 has a high-quality camera used to take photos of real estate properties.

To use the camera to take photos of a property, open the camera app on your iPhone 14. The shot selection to capture property can either be in portrait or landscape mode.

Position the phone in the desired location, and then tap the white button in the middle to take the photo. You can then review the photo by opening it from the camera roll or photo library on your phone.

If you aim to take professional-quality pictures of real estate, use a tripod to keep the phone steady. Because this allows you to get the best possible shot. Furthermore, you should use editing software to adjust the lighting in the photo for the best virtual reality staging.

Capabilities of iPhone 14 for virtual renovation

Many property dealers do not realize how easy it is to photograph a property for virtual reality staging.

We don’t need tripod, furniture, SLR or any photography experience.

iPhone 14 is the latest tech device and can capture pictures for virtual renovation.

Can only a specialist photographer take pictures for a virtual renovation? The answer is no. Even a layman can shoot pictures at any height. The secret to amazing virtual photography is that anyone can do it.

Using the iPhone 14 to virtualize a property

Real estate photography has taken itself to next level with the use of the iPhone 14. After you had taken the picture of the real estate, you can edit the picture in the software editor. You may install Photoshop or other image editing software on your mobile phone. The app store contains free as well as paid software with extra features.

Image editing ensures your photos are as clean before adding virtual stage furniture. According to a survey, people tend to buy properties that are attractive in pictures even before they visit physically. It shows why virtually staged houses attract and sell more than non-staged properties.

Note: It’s usually not necessary to set up a virtual view of every room in your home. A study by realtors found that the living room, and dining room, are more important for a buyer.

Why it is useful to capture real estate photos with iPhone 14?

  • There are several reasons why it is useful to capture real estate photos with an iPhone 14.
  • Firstly, the iPhone 14 has a high-quality camera that takes clear and detailed photos. To capture the layout and dimensions of a property, realtors use iPhone.
  • An iPhone 14 has a wide-angle lens that captures more scene in a single photograph. Therefore, it is useful to capture snaps of large properties or interior spaces.
  • The zoom-in feature of iPhone 14 adds more spice to real estate photography. You may capture close-up shots of unique architecture to highlight a property.
  • Using a smartphone frees them from carrying the extra burden of DSLR. iPhone is portable and easy to use either day or night time.

Benefits of using iPhone 14 for virtual experience

With its compact size and lightweight design, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Whether you are inspecting a property in person or taking photos remotely.

  • The battery timing of the iPhone lasts longer than the digital cameras or camcorders. This is why the iPhone is an excellent choice to carry even for long distances.
  • The phone’s simple layout also makes it easy to control the camera and adjust settings to suit your needs. On the other hand, digital cameras are tricky and require expertise to use.
  • Finally, the iPhone 14 has enhanced low-light performance, useful for taking pictures in darker areas. Thus, it helps in capturing pictures of basements as they might not have as much natural light.

Choosing the best Virtual renovation agency:

Use the iPhone 14 to photograph your real estate property.

Take this photo and mail us at

You can even select one of the virtual styles Teampicpros offer.

After you have selected the interested service from the site, clear the payment.

And talk to our expert team to get an urgent time duration for editing.

Finally, you will have a compelling virtual property photo that captures potential buyers.


You may use editing software, but only experts have the capabilities to use it. If you want to have increased ROI from selling the house and commercial offices. Hire a virtual renovation agency that has expertise in crafting rooms.

Teampicpros is a top virtual staging and virtual renovation agency in New York. They provide virtual house staging services to the Bronx, Long Island, and Brooklyn.

Not every agency can brag but even the competitors praise Teampicpros.

If you are a private realtor or individual who wants to sell his property, contact us. We provide surety to clients about the success and increased profits on our tasks. virtual reality staging can’t get better than Teampicpros.

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