How Virtual Renovation Photos Help Sellers Score Top Dollar

If you’re in the market to sell your home and want to score top dollar. You should consider utilizing virtual home renovation photos. These photos help sellers convey their vision of how they envision their house after it’s been remodeled. Gives buyers a realistic idea of what it will look like when they move in.

They also help sellers justify higher prices and convince buyers to act quickly on their offers. Thus increasing the chances of scoring an excellent price for their home without having to wait too long for the right buyer to come along.

Major Benefits of Using Virtual Home Remodeling Before Selling Your Home

Homeowners across the U.S are turning to virtual home remodeling to showcase their properties—and reap major rewards in return. Virtual home remodeling offers many benefits, including:

Increased exposure. Potential buyers can tour your property from anywhere in the world.

Reduced expenses. No need for a realtor or additional staging fees.

More time with family. You don’t have to miss out on any of your time while you’re waiting for an offer to come through.

Instant feedback. Get instant feedback from potential buyers and make changes as needed before it’s too late.

Faster sales. A study by Zillow found that homes that used virtual home remodeling sold faster than those without.

Higher sale prices. A study by Houzz found that homes using virtual renovation photos sold for an average of $6,000 more than similar homes without them. The same study also found that homes listed with virtual images were viewed twice as often as other listings.

By taking advantage of these 6 major benefits, you could score top dollar for your property! Contact us today to learn how we can help get started!

What a Good Virtual Home Remodeling Experience Includes  

When a buyer goes to your listing, they can’t touch your home and will have to imagine what it looks like on their own. But with virtual renovation photos, you can bring your home to life and show buyers exactly what they’re getting without actually having to be there.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these high-quality 3D renderings should get top dollar for your house. By adding as many as 10 detailed pictures of various rooms throughout your home, sellers can show off their hard work.

What’s more, these interactive images allow prospective buyers to change lighting and furniture arrangements to create a space that feels more like theirs—and hopefully one that includes them on its walls!

The seller who uses a virtual real estate agent can list his or her property online quickly and easily while saving money by not paying a commission.

And while 3D renderings are a relatively new technology, don’t think that they aren’t working; in fact, recent statistics from Trulia found that homes with 360-degree panoramic views saw an average sales price premium of 8% compared to similar properties.

The reason why? Because people want to see everything before making a purchase decision. In addition, virtual real estate agents can help homeowners market their property at any time of day or night, even when they’re out of town!

Because potential buyers never know when they might find the one, being able to market 24/7 is crucial if you want your home sold fast. That means sellers won’t have to worry about missing opportunities because they weren’t available during business hours.

It also means that buyers can view listings anytime, which makes it easier for them to fall in love with a property and make an offer right away.

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